Metal Detecting

First  I  went  metal   detecting with    my  dad    we   found som coins and  gold   and  treasure.

After that I went to the park and it was fun a lot. Then I had a shushy   wushy.


L.O To write a recount.

First I went to Scarborough to get  a Mega ice cream with my Dad and Mam and  my brothers . One is 18 and my other brothers is 1o. They are called Dylan and Mackenzie . My dogs are cold Lola and Daisy.

I went to the beach and I went to the chip shop. I got some Fanta and portion of chips they were 5.99. Then I went for a paddle in the big sea. I buried my self up with sand it was hot sand. Then I made a sand castle it was very big and thick and wide. Then I went back home in my car and went to sleep in the car for an hour

By Cruz


Sophie wears a jumper as blue as the sky and she wears muddy wellys.  Her hair is as black as coal, also she has blue jeans and she hates  pink fluffy ponies . Next she chased Dawn because Dawn stood on a woodlouse.

Sophie  is  a  very nice  girl   and  she  has  blue jeans, and  she  has  black  hair and  she  wears  black  wellys  and  she  has  a red  T, shirt .


At the beach.

First I took off my shoes. Secondly I got my costume on and swam in the salty sea. Next I ate a delicious  tasting ice cream. Then I looked  for magnificent shells. Next I made a hole in the sand,  the hole was hollow  and deep.

Later I let my feet sink into the gloopy  sand. I ddi some cart wheels, handstands and splits, then I  started to go home. I was starving so I had a KFC.  It was so nice! When I had finished I went home. Before I went to bed I red a book  called Guinea Pig in the Garage.


By Katie


Katie morag

When Katie Morag  runs she gets  a  red nose .

Katie   Morag   has  two boots  because  she might get  muddy .

Her  hair is  ginger .


 write a recount.

First I took off my socks and shoes  so I  could  go for a swim in the sea . Next I walked  in the water  to find green seaweed. After I walked on the  golden sand I found  a pretty delicate  shells. Then I   built an  sandcastle  because I   was board .Then I put  the seaweed on top of the sandcastle on the shells for  windows   and the seaweed  for the roof. Then I went to the play park on I played on the round  about , the slide and the swings I had great fun at the play park I went with my sister  , dad and mam . Then my dad found a crabs claw  and he found a scull  I found a rock  with an animal in the rock. After that I went to have  picnic in the golden yellow sun.


my poem.

On a very dry day, people set off to the park.
The bikes are, dinging and the scooters are crackling.

The swings are creaking like a crane and the children are screaming.
If it is a really hot day people have a picnic next to the duck pond.
The ducks go quack quack.
Then a ice cream van comes,
tinkle, tinkle.
when they finish,
their ice cream mmmmmmmm,
they go on the climbing frame.
Then they set off back home on,
their bikes and scooters.


At the park

To day I went to the park and I heard kids

Chatter chatter chatter

cars in the car park cars

Hum hum hum

And it started to rain.

By Jack



In the park

On boiling hot day kids are going to the park on their noisy bikes that are going ding
The cars are on the getting dirty on the mud at the loud park with bikes what are dinging
The swings are going creek

Kids are screaming down the slide.

Trampolines are going boing

The bouncy castle is whistling ssssssssss .



Sophie is a  tomboy. She plays like a boy but she is most interested in snails then football or any kind of boy stuff . She would be screaming like mad  if she wore a dress .

She wears jeans,

huddy and tranese. She thought that  snails do not have only 0 legs. They actually have one leg inside of the bottom  of their body.

Abbi-Leigh write a recount

First I built a sandcastle but I improved it by putting shells on it and one big flag. Second of all I dug a hole 2 metres deep suddenly my mam pushed me in and I could not get out!!! After that I collected some shells with my nan, she found half of the shells. Next I put the shells in a bag for next year. After I went to the sea for a swim with my Nan and my  mam. Then I went to look in the rock pool, I saw a huge crab!!! Meanwhile I went to the top of the beach then I slid down on my belly. Later on I went to the car and went home.



First we took our socks  and shoes of so we can play in the sea. Next l went down to the wet sand to go and bury my feet and my feet were wet. Later on I  build a sandcasle on the wet sand and I put it next to  the sea but it got  washed away so we did it again .

In the afternoon we had a picnik on the dry sand and we had  sandwich   for our  lunch.  I had a bag of crisps  with my sandwich . In the afternoon I got some shells underneath the sand. Then  I went down to the sea and l was waited for the wave to come to it.

By Elizabeth

Sophie’s description

Sophie is a very determined little girl. She is 4 years old but for her age she has big ideas and thoughts.

She has a blue jumper with her name on in white. She has hair as if she was dragged through a hedge backwards. She usually wears wellie boots because her garden is quite muddy. She is most definitely a tomboy.

She is very adventurous and she loves every living thing, she gets very sad and upset when a girl called Dawn jumps on a woodlouse, she even made a mini-beast farm and had lots of insects in it. She has 2 older brothers, they are twins. Sometimes they are a bit mean but in other words they are kind and generous and always agree with her.


L.O. To write a recount.

First I got in the car, and drove down to the beach. Then when I got, to the beach I took my clothes off, and put my swimming shorts on. Later I went and built a sandcastle. Secondly I visited the fun fair, and had a picnic. After that I gone searching for shells, to decorate my sandcastle, “ooh these shells look cool!” Then I got my shells and, started to decorate my sandcastle. Later on I buried my, body in sand “the sand is tickling my toes!” After that I paddled in the sea “ah this water is freezing!!!”

First in the afternoon I got an ice-cream ate it “this ice-cream is so yummy!” Next I gone and collected seaweed “this seaweed is so slimy.” Later on I went to have a BBQ my brother said “Cheese burgers are so yummy!”

Last I went to walk, back to the car then I asked my mam something “Mam will we come back to the beach next Summer.” “Yes Finley we will come back the beach next Summer.” Then we walked back up to the car then walked back up to the car and we drove home.


By Finley

A big tornado

When there is cold air and hot air will make a tornado and when it spins  everything will break down and even a tornado can break a massive house.With one spin it can break a big tower and athe biggest thing in the hole entire world and if you get close to a tornado you will die straight away.In a tornado it will be very bad because it will come really close to your house and it will take it down.It will spin around very hard and it will stay till the next day so you must be safe when a tornado is coming your way so make sure you be careful when a tornado is next to you and your house cause this is not a joke it is really real.


The beach

First I took off my clothes and then paddled in the blue shimmering sea.I swam in the blue shiny sea.Next I walked around and collected beautiful and delicate shells.After that I got a bucket and spade and built a sandcastle and decorated it with beautiful and delicate shells. I built another sandcastle and decorated it too.Later on I had a pic-nic on the soft sand and then I ate .”Yummy,” mumbled my brother.

After that I looked In some rock pools and looked for little creatures. I visited the fun fair and played a few games.Later I ate an ice-cream and it nearly gave me a brain freeze.Next I chased some seagulls to have some fun. Later on I buried my feet in the soft sand and tried and get out of it.Finally I packed my things and went home.

By KaYei